Testimonials from photographers/clients

I’m a professional photographer in the Atlanta area and I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with MaryAnne Hinkle on more than a few occasions.

We first met in a social group for photographers and instantly hit it off. MaryAnne has an uplifting spirit that puts clients at ease and a great eye for the art of photography. Aside from some of the social functions we’ve been involved in, I’ve also worked with her on a few professional engagements some of which she has arranged. MaryAnne was instrumental in reserving the location for the shoot, scheduling the MOAs and models and promoting the event to a successful conclusion.

While working with her, it was a relief to see that while passionate about her photography, she was very open and sharing when it came to techniques and any insights that others might find useful. MaryAnne has a very pleasing disposition and a magnetic personality that make her a pleasure to work with.

I can say without reservation that it’s been a pleasure to work with her and I look forward to our future endeavors.

Donn Green - Professional Photography Colleague


I had such a good time doing a boudoir photo shoot with MaryAnne! I have to admit, I was a bit nervous at first having never done a photo shoot before and especially one like this! She put my mind at ease immediately and told me that she would make it fun, which she certainly did. We had several belly laughs while she was posing me, but was she was very serious when it came to the shots she took and the effect she was looking for.  MaryAnne is very professional, courteous, thorough, and made me feel very comfortable. I was very impressed with how much she shared with me about certain elements in photography during our shoot-how important lighting and angles are, what lenses and filters she used-and she always let me see the final results. She is quite a perfectionist and was not in a rush to get me to the next pose until she was happy with what she saw on her camera's screen. I have highly recommended her to my friends for all their photography needs and won't hesitate to use her for any occasion when I need a professional photographer.

Elisa Marathas - Boudoir Photography Client


MaryAnne is an amazing photographer, and a true professional and artist. I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to do two shoots with MaryAnne, and was completely speechless with the quality, and the way the end results look so effortless and natural. I was very pleased with the pictures, and I felt beautiful. She was so much fun to be around, and made my photo shoot a good, and highly enjoyable experience. MaryAnne has the ability to make you feel at ease and comfortable while being photographed. There was no cheesy forced smiles to be found here! She has a great eye for detail and really capturing unique shots. I will definitely be rendering her services again in the near future. This is someone I would recommend to anyone looking for beautiful professional photos, and making it a pleasant experience. Great work!

Brittany Chafin - Glamour Photography Client


If you are lucky enough to have a photo shoot with MaryAnne Hinkle you might as well drop your pen, stand up and start jumping up and down for joy.  You are in for an amazing boom. MaryAnne has the ability to capture your best and most vibrant self. Her attention to detail and excellence is what sets her apart. I felt her strong intention for us to experience what we hoped for in our photos. We have a high end, standalone Chiropractic Clinic and we are getting comments from all over Facebook for our beautiful pictures.

I always love looking at MaryAnne's nature photos because they leave me feeling inspired and connected. There is a presence in her work that is timeless.  MaryAnne, you are truly gifted.

Dr. Carol Billingsley - Professional Healthcare Photography Client