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cibdol 10%(non-registered)
Rev. Duncan E. Teague(non-registered)
Thank you for the best photo of Lady Chablis I have ever seen. Great shot in the perfect moment. She was radiant.

May she know rest and peace.
Great work!
I enjoyed your well written descriptive articles and appreciate the effort put into your photography . A very well done site .
I'm really enjoying your photographs and the stories behind them. Thank you for sharing God's beautiful world with others!
Elaine Bonner(non-registered)
Awesome Loved them All ♥
Saba Tanner(non-registered)
Absolutely Breathtaking! You are so talented. God will use these pictures through your lens to display his masterpieces!

Many prayers your way.

See you when your back.
Nancy Sellers(non-registered)
Mary Anne!! You are so talented. You truly seem to capture the essence of what you're shooting - from the glamour shoots (the eyes tell everything) to the waterfalls (you can almost feel the coolness of the water). Great job. Hope to maybe work with you to get some shots for work. Keep up the great job.
Antoinette Suarez(non-registered)
You truly have a great talent. I enjoyed viewing your work and want to thank you for giving me that privilege. I look forward to doing more photography events with you.
Marie Lewis(non-registered)
I love the waterfalls, it's like you can actually hear the pounding of the water! Beautiful photography! It must be so worth the hike. Thanks MaryAnne for the pleasure of viewing this wonderful sight of nature!
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