Artist Bio

MaryAnne Hinkle is an award-winning photographer, a mother, wife, writer, hiker, and Alaskan Klee Kai dog breeder. Originally trained as an Educator at the University of Phoenix and Mercer University, and currently working as an Intervention Specialist, MaryAnne chased her passion for photography and turned pro in 2010. Education is an integral part of MaryAnne’s life.

MaryAnne began teaching photography workshops in 2013 where she currently offers wilderness hikes to enthusiasts of waterfall photography who enjoy both hiking and capturing gorgeous mountainous photographs.

MaryAnne is also a hike leader through the Georgia Sierra Club, Full Moon Adventures and Off the Grid Adventures.

MaryAnne's background includes stints as a photojournalist, a wedding/portrait photographer, and an Educator. Her work focuses on various aspects of life -- people, nature, landscape, and documentary assignments.  MaryAnne has also written for numerous magazines in the Atlanta area on Education and Health.

Current assignments include exhibits and solo shows at local art galleries and art galleries in other states, actor/model portfolios, family portraits, wedding celebrations and corporate websites.

MaryAnne is a Georgia native and lives in Covington with her husband, Jeffrey, their son, Shane, and their five other children -- including four dogs - Abby, Denver, Sequoia and Valentino, and Niky, the cat.

Artist Statement

I am a relentless, yet patient hunter of breathtaking scenes in nature, a careful detective for specific clues in the details of a petal, and an explorative gatherer of fleeting moments in life; seconds that plead to be photographed, stages in time where waterfalls generate bursts of splendor, flashes that capture the absolute spirit of tranquility, and instances that are surrounded by all of us if we just pause and click our own cameras of life.

The subjects I photograph explode from serene instincts and imagination of this world that was created by the Heavenly Father long before my existence. Each photograph I capture is driven by a spontaneous yearning to contribute to the vast array of conceivable stories that expose themselves to my camera; adventures that beg for attention, legends that need to be told which continually evokes a sense of curiosity, yet a concealed, almost obvious conclusion that humanity and nature are truth – if we just acknowledge the truth is there.

I love to travel and when the travel angels call my name, I do not hesitate to pack my bags. I recently traveled to southern California on a photography tour to digitally capture several gargantuan rocks in Yosemite National Park which stood thousands of feet above my head, breathtaking scenery in Big Sur where steep cliffs and oceans as blue as a sapphire emerald were beneath my feet, as well as thirsty, dry, soft sand with scorching heat, and vast deserts with the sun burning so hot no human could survive any length of time without water in Death Valley and Joshua Tree.

The spirit must be satisfied in order to excel in this life and my spirit has been touched by the sheer glory of God's creation of this world in which we currently reside in. Water is to the human body as a camera is to my life – I live and breathe photography with God's guidance. Many never find their calling in their life and my calling of photography has been with me since I was 10-years-old. Even though I am a self-taught photographer, not a day goes by where I am not conducting research to become more knowledgeable at my craft.