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2 January 2012

COORDINATES: N 34.42624 | W -84.21161


Jeffrey and I hiked a little over 11 miles on 1/2/12 at the Amicalola River Trail (commonly known and referred to as the "Edge of the World" Rapids) and then from the top of Amicalola Falls to the Len Foote Hike Inn. The Len Foote Hike Inn is located above Amicalola Falls (about 4.8 miles above the falls). Once we arrived at the Len Foote Inn, the temperature was 25 degrees.

After visiting the Len Foote Hike Inn for a short jaunt, we then hiked back to my Honda in the DARK for about 30 minutes!! I haven't been that scared since I went to a haunted house back in the '80's!! Thank the LORD no bears got us!! :-) We are blessed!!

What a FABULOUS day for a HIKE!!

It was incredibly cold on this January morning when we arrived at the Amicalola River Trail. This river affords kayackers the opportunity to do some heavy duty water paddlesporting.

The rocks on the lower right of this shot reminds me of an alligator head. Interesting to say the least.

Amicalola River Trail was made possible in part by a grant from the Federal Highway Administration through the Georgia Recreaction Trails Program.

There is a wooden path along most of the trail once you come down the stairs from the parking area and then take a right. If you come down the stairs and take a left, then the wooden path eventually ends and there is a dirt path.

There is no camping along this trail.


There are several opportunities to walk across the massive boulders located here; providing the rapids are not too high. 

After this wonderful hike, we left the gorgeous area and traveled up to the top of Amicalola Falls so we could hike to the Len Foote Hike Inn. Those shots are below...



2 January 2012

COORDINATES: N 34.5719° | W 84.2427°


There is NO ROAD access to get to this Inn - all must be traveled on foot. However, to get to a closer area near the Inn, a hiker can either hike or d to the top of Amicalola Falls.

  • Amicalola Falls is 15 miles N/W of Dawsonville.
  • Travel Hwy. 53  
  • Travel West to Hwy. 183
  • Travel North to Hwy. 52 east.

This is the beginning of the trail that leads to the Len Foote Hike Inn.

I wonder if these gents even knew I took their picture. Their packs sure look like they know what they're doing. HAVE FUN BOYS!!!!

Well here's my answer as to whether this hike is strenuous or not... YES! At least it was to me.... And, there's Jeffrey leaving me again; however, I know he'll wait on the other side of the road for me.

This sign is up the trail a little ways and it only begins to ascend a tad bit from this point. I think many folks feel that hiking is just walking. In my humble opinion, if you can walk on flat ground, all the better; however, if you can ascend with the earth and climb mountainsides, then it is much better to make those muscles ache - but a good ache nonetheless.

Just 4.6 miles left to hike.

A wooden bridge offers access over a creek bed.

Wait for me, Jeffrey!

I think we are almost there! If these rocks have ice on them, please be careful not to slip.

SUCCESS!! WE MADE IT TO THE LEN FOOTE HIKE INN!! What a hike to get here!!

Jeffrey checking out the sign that reads, "May the Peace of the Wilderness Be With You." LOVE IT!!!!

The dining hall where many hikers fill their belly's and relax.

We got stuck in the dark, but this sunset over the mountain was quite a sight!



2 June 2012

COORDINATES: N 34º35'38.45" | W 83º21'41.36" 

AdAdress AdADAAAAAdasdfasdfAddress:  

107 Kincaid Dr.

Toccoa Falls, GA 30598 

This was a peaceful hike for Jeffrey and I. We only four people once we arrived at Toccao Falls and two of them worked inside the gift shop. You have to go through the gift shop in order to get to the paved path below - which eventually turns into a gravel then dirt path.


I am always so amazed and feel so blessed when I'm able to capture a gorgeous flower. There is so much beauty in this shot.

The parking lot is in this shot and one should check in at the vistor center (far right on this picture) before hiking up to the falls.

The above sign was placed here in honor of 39 people whose lives were lost on November 6, 1977.

The top portion of the above sign reads:

"On the morning on November 6, 1977, the dam holding back the lake above the falls broke. The forty acress of water surged over the falls through the park down the valley through the campus leaving in its wake, 39 dead and 60 injured. All of the dead and injured were connected in some way to Toccoa Falls College.  When the tragedy occurred, thousands of people from all over the world rose to the aid of the college and surrounding community. Over three million dollars in public and private gifts and grants, and thousands of hours of volunteer labor made recovery possible.

As is true here in the park, recovery is not complete, but is progressing."

I'm thrilled this little rascal was in the middle of this area. He was basking in the sun and didn't seem to mind that I was on the other side of the water taking his picture. As long as a snake is that far away from me, hey I don't mind watching them one bit. Let one get closer, then I'm running like the wind!

The sky was putting on an incredibly colorful show today.

There's my honey who always patiently awaits while I take pictures.

This is an incredible waterfall and one that I truly enjoyed going to. However, it is truly not advisable to climb over these rocks

The flowers were putting a show today too!

I love how these Black Eyed Susan's just linger there watching the water flow past them.



27 October 2012

I met my friend, Kellie and her boyfriend at Three Sisters Winery to do some wine tastings, listen to Blue Grass tunes, then have some dinner. I went to my hotel room, slept and got up the next day to some nasty weather. Our hike was cancelled, but why not just go to Dicks Creek Waterfalls which isn't far from town and at least capture some pretty images. So, that's exactly what I did and I got soaked, but it sure was fun!!!

The Buzzard Mountain Boys playing some blue grass tunes. This was a sure hoot!

Overlooking the mountains off the back deck of Blackstock Winery

My sweet friend, Kellie and her sweetie, Brad, at Cavendar Creek Vineyards.

Dicks Creek Waterfalls



30 November 2012 - 3 December 2012

The bridge we have to cross to get to our cabin.

There is a road to the right of the bridge for larger vehicles. I wanted to drive over it at one point while our good friends, Kelly and Igor were with us, but Kelly would have got out of the vehicle and walked over the bridge if I did. To save her the trouble, I disappointed the boys and took the bridge route instead. Later the next day, after Kelly and Igor left, I drove beside the bridge, through the creek and over the hill. I was a dare devil this go this 'round.

Having breakfast in the nice crisp morning air is something I LOVE to do especially when the deck hangs over the Ellijay River. As we were eating and chatting, Igor spotted a dear grazing in the far off distance., up the embankment on the other side of the mountain across from the deck where we were sitting. I could barely see her, and even though I caught a glimpse of her, it sure was a sight to see.

I was able to capture Igor's best side - his rump! He's always showing it in some way with his hilarious antics! Jeffrey and Igor are fishing in the Ellijay River about 100 ft. from our cabin. Igor called this a creek and after really thinking in terms of the way he does, I now have to agree with him. I read somewhere this 'creek' was stocked, but I guess earlier fisherman must have caught all the fish since the gents had no luck in catching any...BOOO!!!

I normally only taste a wine or two and then I venture off on a little hike to take pictures. The Cartecay Vineyards are all bloomed out for the season.

Not sure why I enjoy taking photos of wheat grass, but I do, so I did.

Cartecay Vineyards

This weekend trip was really short lived. I can't wait to go back!



3 December 2012

COORDINATES: Parking Area: N34° 47.04’ | W84° 18.13’

Elevation:  2025’

We just happened upon Fall Branch Falls. SURPRISE!!! This was a nice out and back hike. Children will even enjoy it.

The hike to Falls Branch Falls is a very short one. Follow the trail up the creek one quarter mile to a viewing platform at the falls.

There is always beauty in all things nature to me. Even though there is not much to this falls, there is beauty in it. There is beauty in listening to the water travel down the side of the rock. There is beauty in listening to the birds sing their songs and there is beauty in hearing the excitement of a child's voice when they see the falls for the first time.

Abby, Valentino and Jeffrey in front of the upper and lower falls. There is a wooden platform viewing area to the left of where Jeffrey and our babies are standing.

A lonely old cabin sits on a small hill beneath a mountain just begging for some attention. I got out to take this shot shortly after we left Fall Branch Falls. I wonder how long this cabin has been here.

We decided to try and find Julie Anna Falls after hiking up to Fall Branch Falls. Once we got to the area where it was, we discovered that 1/3 of a mile was on private property and we had no clue who to contact to obtain permission to hike up to the falls. So, we just hiked around these areas about 2 miles from the falls. Valentino had a blast and so did we.  and so 

Turniptown Creek Road and Turniptown Creek in the Rich Mountain Wilderness in Gilmer County, GA.


A deserted cabin on Turniptown Creek Road.



3610 Cavender Creek Road
Dahlonega, GA 30533

Jeffrey had not been to Cavender Creek Vineyards and Winery before today. I went with some friends this past October and enjoyed it so much I had to take Jeffrey so he could take in the tasts of some fine wines. The gent behind the bar is such an awesome person. He gave me tons of corks for an upcoming project. He remembered me from when I was here the last time and even where I stood with my buds during my last trip here.

This little guy was so cute. I scared him and his partner at first by walking too fast toward the enclosed fenced area where they were grazing. I stopped once I realized I had spooked them both. I carefully walked to the side of the fence and began just talking to them in a quiet tone. Surprisingly they both just walked over to me and this one even let me pet him. He was quite comical. He constantly sniffed at my lens. He even tried grabbing it from me at one point. Silly little donkey boy.

I really love this shot!

Here's the other little guy. I'm not sure what happened to his muzzle, but it appears to be healing. Maybe the sweet little donkey that wanted to eat my camera took a chunk out of it. Poor baby doll.

I love taking pictures of flags. So I stood on the cabin porch forever at Cavender Creek Vineyards to take this shot, then I walked over and stood beneath this flag forever to get this shot. The wind just wasn't blowing right. Then I had a brainstorm - PRAY for the wind to blow it just right and lo and behold, this is what God gave me to capture. I love it!!!

Wines at Cavender Creek



28 December 2012

COORDINATES: N 34° 39.107' | W 84° 04.071'


  • Travel north out of Dahlonega on US Bus.19/GA. 60 for 2 miles.
  • Turn left on Camp Wahsega Rd.
  • Travel approximately 9.5 miles to Camp Frank D. Merrill – 5th Ranger Training Battalion.
  • Do not enter the entrance to the camp.
  • Instead, turn right on Forest Service Rd 80 – Coopers Gap Road.
  • At the top of the mountain at Coopers Gap (approximately 4 miles) turn right on Forest Service Rd 42.
  • Follow FS 42 approximately one mile and the falls will be on the left side of the road.

Jeffrey and I came upon a tree that was apparently struck by lightning and fell onto the dirt road. We couldn't get around the tree because it was so far in the road. Jeffrey decided to tie a rope around it so he could move it with his truck so we could drive past it on this old, lonnnnnng dirt road.

He's making sure the rope is nice and secure.

When we first arrived near the area of where Ward Creek Watefall is located, we did not view it right away. Instead, we headed up a well traveled path behind a closed gate.

Jeffrey had to pick up Valentino to carry him across creeks.

Even though this fall looks like it could be of momentous size, it is actually only about 6 ft. high. I really want to take the time and hike the creek bed to see where the origination of this water is coming from. In fact, I want to do that with each waterfall I hike to.



28 December 2012

COORDINATES: N 34° 37.45' | W 84° 06.90' 

Elevation - 1680 ft.


  • From Dahlonega follow Hwy. Business 19/60 for approximately 2 miles to Camp Wahsega Rd.
  • Turn left.
  • Follow this road 9.5 miles to Camp Frank D. Merrill – 5th Ranger Training Battalion.
  • Turn left on (the dirt road) FS 28-1 just before entering the camp gate.
  • After approximately 300 yards turn right on SSG Charles B. Cooper Rd. which is located behind the Ranger gym.
  • You will need a truck to ford over the Etowah River.
  • Once you travel over the Etowah River (in a truck hopefully) and up the dirt road, you will reach a fork in the road in about 300 yards.
  • Take the left fork.
  • Follow the left fork for 300 yards to another fork in the road and an area large enough to park and turn around.
  • Park here since the road becomes very narrow from this point on.
  • From this point, follow the right trail on foot which is also used by mountain bikers as part of a loop trail.
  • The trail parallels Montgomery Creek which can be heard from the higher elevation of the trail you will be hiking on; however, you will not be able to see much of it
  • In about .4 miles the trail crosses a small branch and begins to climb.
  • Soon after this point, the creek and the falls will be visible on the left.

The only way to reach the falls and take pictures is to climb down the mountainside. Please be careful if you do. Make sure you have hiking poles with you before venturing down the mountain.

Valentino at the start of our hike with his cute little back pack on. It has a bowl as well as an adapter that goes on the top of a water bottle inside it.

The West Branch of Montgomery Creek Falls is such a gorgeous area and one where you may need to cross the creek. I sure hope you have a pair of waterproof hiking boots for winter hiking. If not, you will get your feet wet. Not all hiking areas have large rocks in the creek that one can step on and even if there are large enough rocks to step on, moss grows on the rocks and most can be very slippery. 

Neverthless, I felt like I was in a hobbit land when we came around the bend in the trail.

SUCCESS!! I made it to the waterfall.  


Valentino would not let Jeffrey get too far ahead of me; he would always stop and turn around to make sure I was still within eye contact.

I ventured down the side of the mountain to get this shot. If you glance to the top of this shot, you will see where the mountain begins to steadily climb. It does the same on the opposite side where I am standing to take this shot. It took me quite a while to climb down to this level. Lightening obviously struck the tree laying on the boulders and the aftermath of something like this certainly fascinates me.



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